Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Has is really been almost five months since I've posted anything here? Well, I guess personally, the winter months don't promise a whole lot of exciting events, but on the world stage, a whole helluva lot of stuff has been going on.

Other than the beginnings of the global Holy War that is on the horizon and the spread of yet another global epidemic that no one knows the source or cause of, everything is going fine. I've been busy minding my own business, focussing on work and working out getting ready for the racing season. I received my racing numbers from ABA this week and Fish Creek RR #1 is on schedule for Saturday with a nice weather forecast.

Since November, we've sailed through Christmas (nice, but uneventful) and the class reunion in GV. Lots of fun. However, I've decided I'd rather spend time in Manitoba in the summer, forego the crap that comes with travelling across the Prairies in the winter and spend Christmas with my better half. Plus the fact that it appears after all that my relationships will not be tolerated in GV until Grandma dies. What a nice thought that is! I'm so glad I came from such enlightened roots. But I digress....New Year's was rather quiet, went to Swan's to meet up with Joe after having dinner with the crew at Jeff and Susan's place. Ended up at a house party with that whole gang at Jerry and Breda's place. Started an OOST course at the U of C on Jan 2nd, "Effective Coding and Software Testing Techniques", and slated for another one, "XML and Microsoft .NET" in August.

Many birthday parties through February and March (Ken Jackson's 40th, Erwin Mentz's 50th, and Jeff and Susans tete-a-tete fete), two Alberta Ballet performances ("Carmen" and "Tchaikovsky Evening"), two DJ Shows (Lisa Lashes at the Whiskey, Roger Sanchez at SkyBar, plus Paul Van Dyk at the Whiskey this Sunday), one trip to Red Deer for Scott Wilson's stag wknd, and two trips to Lethbridge (Robert's 50th b-day party was last weekend).

Scott and Jen's wedding is in ten days. It's over the Easter LW, and should be a good time. Joe is finally going to meet the entire extended family and since it is on neutral ground, I can face up to any problems we might face, not that I'm really expecting any, but the family has surprised me for the worse before.

Getting pretty excited about Owen and Chloe's wedding too. I'm not sure what's happening about the social in GV in August (it is right in the middle wknd of the two-week XML course), but I've booked a week off before Thanksgiving so I can hopefully roll into Prince Albert for Lee Walker's wedding as well. I hope it really does become a Walker reunion of sorts as it sounds like it might be. I am planning on stopping in Kamsack on the way to GV to visit with Mark and Tracy and check out their new digs.

Joe has been extremely busy working at both CIBC and Swan's. He's finally getting burned out and will hopefully realize that he either has to find one job that pays him more or work less at the bar. I understand why he's doing it, but I think he's being way to anxious about debt repayment. I hope things change soon. I don't want to be spending the summer 'alone' again! We did have a week booked over the August LW to go with Jeff, Jeanette, Curtis, Doug etc to Vancouver and Seattle for Pride, but now that looks like it's not going to work for me because of the stupid computer course. Joe and I are still planning a week at Xmas to go somewhere warm, and I'll still have a week to burn somewhere. I still would like to spend a week on Vancouver Island exploring and scuba diving.

Sportwise, I'm focussing on bike racing, running and duathlon exclusively. There are lots of races on the roster, including the Policeman's Half marathon, Banff-Calgary relay, Canadian Duathlon Champs, Arbour Lake Duathlon, and possibly the Provincials in Edmonton (Sandy Beach) on Aug. 10th. As far as bike racing, lots has been happening on this front - the new bike (Trek 5500 bought from Kirk Loberg), the new team (FVK-Synergy - I already know a majority of the team members because of track racing last year), and involvement with CBTL have all been keeping me busy as of late. I'm looking forward to another productive season!

What else? I'm still spending too much money on fetish stuff. I found this retailer online from Manchester ( that carries the largest selection of fetish stuff I've ever seen. Since I've always dreamed of rubber enclosure, I broke down and spent a ludicrous amount of money on several rubber fetish items - a 'bondage balloon' that encases the entire body in a tight rubber sheath that you can suck the air out of for immobilization, and a skintight rubber hood/mask with nostril holes that I anticipate using in conjunction with the balloon. All in transparent rubber. I'm an so psyched to receive them - I hope Joe can get some enjoyment out of them too....I plan on getting him into them as well!

I haven't spent any money on lycra stuff over the last while, although I've gotten some of the stuff repaired. I'm also getting a proper thong seat put into my M.Stevens leotard. It should be much more comfortable once finished. I'm still wanting to buy a Spiderman suit, but the tailor I want to go through has suspended taking orders because they have been swamped with orders. Hopefully by the end of summer I will have some money and they will be taking orders again! I'm also hoping to buy another M.Stevens unitard this fall too. Joe and I are still planning on taking dance lessons starting Fall 2003.

I've bought an LG Prologue aero helmet and new aero bars for the new bike last week. I hope that along with a new FVK-Synergy skinsuit, I'll be able to blast through any previous times I've achieved for TTs. They should also come in handy on the track for the 1km and 3km pursuits.

Joe's also planning on buying a computer in the next few months. I hope that I will be able to buy an MP3 player and possibly a digital camera this fall as well. I've gotten a raise at work and have been promoted to an S2 Systems Analyst, so a bit more money will help. I have a swack of websites to develop that I've committed to and hope to get working on them ASAP.

That's all for now. Gotta get back to work.