Tuesday, November 27, 2001

It's almost December. What the hell?...Why are the years going by faster and faster? I don't understand it.

Anyways, I'm heading to New Orleans next week. I'm so excited! It's going to be a lot of fun. I've gotten my tour books and maps, learning as much as I can before I go. I get into NOLA on the evening of Dec. 6. I'm staying at Bill and Ed's, but they have to head to Houston on Saturday night for Ed's Christmas party. So I'm alone in the Big Easy (is there a confluence of spirit here? -- I'm not implying anything). Anyways, I have posted a few messages around on Yahoo!, etc. to see if anyone wants to play tour guide with me on the weekend. I've heard back from one guy; I'll be trying to get a hold of him possibly tonight or later in the week. I have feelings the culture down there is much different than here in Canuckland, however it can't be called "The Big Easy" for nothing. I'm expecting the people to be really laid back like Montrealers...really out for a good time. They certainly have a lot of institutions and events that would indicate such truth (Mardi Gras, Halloween, Cajun cuisine, etc.).

With the bars being open 24 hours a day, and a lot of deep fried food (which can fortunately be avoided), I'll have to maintain some semblance of a workout routine there. I'm joining Fountain Park Fitness Center here as soon as I get back. I plan on hitting the gym in the mornings before work 3x a week, doing fitness classes at noon (spinning and pilates), and core strength in the evenings before hitting the pool at Lindsay Park 2x a week. I'm looking forward to getting back into a hard-core schedule ASAP. My membership with UCTC ends next week. I really got to enjoy swimming and running with the people in this group, however, getting up the University four nights a week will prove to be torturous now that the snow is flying and the temperatures are in the minus double digits.

I get back on the 14th from NOLA, work a week and then head to Manitoba for Christmas. I'm hoping on getting into Winnipeg for a few days after Christmas to visit with Ryan and Lynn, Mike, Heather, and hopefully get in touch with Byron and Anita.

Then it's back here for the big 3-0 and New Year's. I'd like to have a party much the same as last year, with early evening cocktails and eats at Ming, and then dancing at Detour afterwards. I hope some people can come out for it.

The focus right now is getting the work stuff out of the way and getting ready to head south. I have quite a few things to get ready, and quite a few things to bring back from NOLA. I have a video at Bill and Ed's that I couldn't get across the border, so I'll have to sneak it across, and I also ordered some dance and exercisewear from a retailer in New York that I have to avoid duty on. I'll be coming back with bags quite a bit heavier than what I had taken with me. Good for me!

Update to come soon. Hopefully I'll be able to run a log about the adventures in the south as I did in Montreal.