Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Wow...I haven't written an entry since before Christmas....well, not much has happened since then. I've been busy with my new workout schedule, and work has taken on a new direction in the last few months.

When I got back from Manitoba on Dec. 30, I had a few more days of parties to endure before heading back to work. Once I returned to work on Jan. 3, I found out that the funding for our Doc Mgmt project was pulled, and no one seemed to know what was going to happen next. To make a long story short, I spent most of the month of January surfing the internet and getting caught up on emails until I was scooped up by the Webmail project team in early February. Now work is busy again, and I feel like a contributing member of society again.

The 30th birthday party and New Year's were a lot of fun. About 30 of my closest friends showed up at Ming on the evening of Dec. 30th. We ate and drank, and headed to Detour for the drag show and dancing around midnight. The rest of the night was a blur for me, but apparently I looked like I was having a lot of fun.

New Year's Eve, twelve of us went to Kyoto 17 for sushi, including Grant and gf from Saskatoon. We all went back to Joe and my place for drinks and the countdown, and to Detour again afterwards for more dancing, where I proceeded to lose Joe's tie that he had gotten for Christmas.

January and February have been a blur of gym workouts, pool sessions and running. I've been faithfully keeping to my goals, and I can already see more definition and feel more strength in my upper body. Yay!

Feb.3 was the Lindsay Park Aquathlon, the first "competition" of the year. It was only 2.5km run, 750m swim, 2.5km run, but it was really nasty to transition from an all out sprint to sudden breath control in the pool. Needless to say, I ended the race in 10th.

February has been completed by non-stop Olympic action. I've been watching everything rather fervently, and it all came to a head this weekend with Canada's hockey team win over the Americans on Sunday. I met up with Jeff, Tony, BJ and Jeff at Watchman's Pub. The game ended in complete chaos, which then spilled out onto the street. I will never forget Jeff in the middle of the intersection at 17th Ave and 8th St offering champagne to anyone who drove by.