Thursday, May 22, 2003

May 22nd...went to see Coldplay with Tony last night. Snuck in with employee passes. Cool! The concert was very good. The Music opened for them, sort of interesting, not my type of music, of course. Coldplay were excellent though. Even moved me to go and buy "A Rush of Blood to the Head" this morning.

I have mixed emotions about the Bikes on Broadway SR last wknd. Despite the challenges of the weather, the weekend ended up being pretty fun. Ryan Correy and I couldn't shake the trauma of missing the turnaround on the road race course on Saturday. Going from the lead of the lead pack to 19th is hard to take. I guess we could be satisfied with the effort we put in to get ourselves back into the top twenty. Winning the time trial on Sunday morning with a 12:10 time was a pleasant surprise, and I can't say I wasn't relieved to be eliminated out of the first round of hill sprints since the weather was so cold that day. The criterium on Monday morning sort of made up for the entire weekend. Considering JP Roy was still in the top five in the morning led us to develop a bit of strategy to protect him until the end when he could sprint for a placing. The team worked very well together (JP, Ryan, Chris Hooper, and myself - Brian Kullman dropped out early) and we all took turns pulling. I led the lead pack for four laps around the downtown S'toon course and came in third on the second preem - this is where I fell back into the pack again. Chris won three out of four preem races, and JP ended up fourth in the GC. He gave $20 to each of me and Ryan for our efforts - what a totally honorable thing to do! Chris took us all out for McDonald's after the race with the preem money. What a great team!

Earlier on in the wknd, I had said that I wouldn't come back to race BoB again because of the race organizer's disorganization (no official at turnaround, entire race official group picking up and leaving before CP was done racing, no results/TT seeding posted until Sunday morning, the odd organization of the hill sprints, esp. considering how cold it was, Ryan's "DNF" placing after the road race and the Cat 4 commissaire's knowledge of our disaster at the turnaround, and the mistiming of at least two other racers that we knew of), but after the pick-me-up of the crit, I may do it again - DEPENDING ON THE STUPID WEATHER.

This weekend in the Bikeshevik. I am definitely racing Saturday, however Sunday is the Lilac Festival - planning on getting a bunch of people together, plus Natasha is in town and we're all planning on going out on Saturday night...could make Sunday morning a little scary. I need to get some mileage in next week before Prairie Steamer on the May 30-June 1st wknd.

DJ Tiesto plays the Whisky on June 4th, the Pride Parade is on June 8th, dance on June 14th, Joe's grad on June 9th and his mom comes into town on the 7th (in time for the parade - interesting). Pigeon Lake is the same day, so I'll probably be missing the parade and beer gardens. I'll have to make up for it this wknd at the Lilac Festival and the Pride Dance.