Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The order from Hauteng.de arrived today. Three rubber masks and two bondage balloons. I stretched out the transparent balloon in the shower with warm water, lubed up and hopped in. I like these balloons much better than the d-v8 ones, for about a quarter of the price. I ordered the masks in medium and they are still too big. Unfortunately the black balloon burst during the first attempt to enter (just like the first balloon I received) and the transparent one burst on second entry while trying to close up the gap on the neck entry from behind. Recommend having Joe help to get in. May need to devise some vacuumization technique with a smaller hose from a less intense source than the vacuum cleaner - possibly a bike pump? I will order more balloons soon - Hautengs customer service was great, the prices are good and the shipping was very quick. I'm liking the masks, but I may order one or two more in size small for a snug mummified fit when intending to do a two or three hour session in bondage in the fall.

Rubber mummies rule!