Thursday, August 05, 2004

Grandview Trip - July 29 - August 2, 2004

Another whirlwind trip back to GV. I left Calgary on Wednesday night and made it to Saskatoon at midnight. Tara was up but Grant was in bed so we sat up and talked for awhile and then watched a movie (Wet Hot American Summer - very weird)

Never saw Grant in the morning either. Headed out around 9:30 and got to GV around 3pm. Visit with Grandma, Uncle Ken, Auntie Lollie in town until heading to the farm. Had a steak supper, few beers with dad while waiting for mom to get home. Visited and headed over to Lance and Buffy's for the evening.

Friday afternoon headed to Dauphin to pick some things up and visit with Michelle Jubenvill (Wilcox). Had a great visit, finally met Emma. Headed back to GV to get ready for anniversary. Showed up there around 8:30pm. It was visiting overload. Talked to lots of people, even saw Jody Powell and met his wife. Met Mitchell Grasby for the first time. Ended up stopped at Ervin and Maggie Morran's for a drink on the way home.

Saturday early afternoon headed up to Child's Lake. Stayed at mom and dad's lot. Owen and Chloe plus Kiall stayed at Britton's. Went over there for late dinner once fishers returned with their bounty. Spent most of the day hanging out and visiting with people on other lots.

Sunday, went scuba diving with Ron Myers in the morning. Very cool just to get out. Saw many Mariah beds (rooks) that they burrow into the lakebed. Spent the afternoon visiting. Dave and Roxanne and girls came for the afternoon. Also at the lake, Jeff and Denise Safronetz, Jennifer Wilson and boyfriend (Kevin?), Tracy Shields and Shirley Fraser and men plus Euphemia, Clinton and Joanna Myers and boys, Ryan Yarush, Chris and Lindsey Zamonsky, Darcy and Erin Brasch and daughter.

Drove Ryan's jeep home with Takeo in the back while mom drove my car home. Had dinner at Britton's again. Left for Calgary around 9:30 am on Monday.