Monday, May 01, 2006

Talk about a negative nellie...

From the May 1, 2006 comments on Clusterfuck Nation:
"Will Jesus return to Save Us from our own self-destruction? No. Humans exhausted God's sympathy a long time ago, long before this latest episode of exponentially destructive behaviors made possible by fossil fuels.

Will science save us from our own self-destruction? No, it is not science's job to save humankind from self-destruction. Science has done a whole lot to empower humans to self-destruct. Since humans lack wisdom I suppose that we will use this power for its intended purpose.

Will technology save us? No, please ... don't speak in such a silly manner. Technology gave us all of the WMDs and the automobile and the cell phone and the television. In other words, technology has made humans increasingly violent, fat, lazy and more dependant upon technology.

God, science and technology will not save us. Do you suppose that humans are capable of saving our species from our inevitable fate?

No. Look at these humans, see how they behave. Notice that they are completely overwhelmed with the cheap crap that you can buy and absolutely disinterested in the living Earth which pretty much makes human life possible in a Universe which is harsh and hostile to life.

Humans are made happy by buying and destroying things. Humans are entertained by hate, prejudice and violence. Humans are about the most miserable animal on the planet yet we are insane enough to claim pre-eminence over all other forms of life.

Nature has a way of punishing creatures that behave in an arrogant, foolish and self-destructive manner. By all objective measures humans are worthy of all of these penalties.

Life will first become difficult, and then life may become impossible. If you need cars, phones, televisions and grocery stores to survive there's a pretty good chance that you will not.

Unfortunately, those who want to depend upon the local environment for their own suvival will soon discover that humans have pretty much destroyed and depleted all of these local environments. Going local is a wonderful ideal but impractical and usually impossible. If you are forced to sustain your life by utilizing only local products there's a pretty good chance that you will not survive.

What other options are available for survival? None. The great die-off is about the begin. Hopefully some primitive self-sustaining tribes still exist in remote areas. These people are the best equipped to survive the end of the oil age because they never became addicted to the poisonous drug.

But modern energy-intensive technological society will come to an end. As it should."