Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Another letter - "The State of Training" address to Reid Cummings:

Hey RJC,

I think everything is going really good. I was at six pills a day last week with no adverse effects - I was even sleeping good. I started 8 a day yesterday, and everything is still fine. I guess I will stay here until either I reach my target weight or the pills run out. I'm sitting under 180 (178 to be exact on an empty stomach at lunch hour today), a loss of 6 or 7 pounds already. I think I'm setting 165 as my absolute low limit for now. I haven't weighed that little since early high school, I think. I reached 167 at one point last summer, and I know that once the weather warms up, I will have no problem maintaining that. The rate things are going, I should only have to take one dose of this stuff (240 pills) and save the other batch for next spring. That would be a good idea considering I am starting to balk at the cost of all these supplements.

BTW, I paid $72 for a pail of Endurox at Samson's last Tuesday on their 20% off day. Another friend has told me their products are overpriced. Would you check out the regular price of Endurox (and Hydro-Lean) at Gator's the next time you're there? I'm curious to find out how overpriced they are...I don't really think they are, if you buy on the SuperTuesdays.

I took a dose of Endurox on Saturday. I ran 21km in the morning, did Pilates at the gym and then an upper body workout. I drank a glass of Endurox afterwards, and I did feel pretty good an hour or so later, as I continued to stretch out awhile longer.

I had hoped to ride yesterday, but you know what the conditions were like. I ended up going to Swan's in Inglewood on Sat. night to meet up with Joe (that's where he works), and we ended up staying until 1am playing darts and drinking beer with a bunch of people. The snow started falling around 9pm, so I knew I wouldn't be going out for a ride anyways. It was nice to have a full day off at any rate.

Once cycling starts, this is going to be the schedule I will be trying to maintain:

Monday am - gym workout
Monday noon - stretch/abs
Monday pm - cycle - speedwork

Tuesday am - swim
Tuesday noon - stretch/abs
Tuesday pm - Crits at UofC Research Park

Wednesday am - gym workout
Wednesday noon - Pilates
Wednesday pm - run

Thursday am - swim
Thursday noon - stretch/abs
Thursday pm - cycle - hillwork

Friday am - gym workout
Friday noon - Yoga
Friday pm - OFF

Saturday am - run/Pilates
Saturday pm - OFF/distance cycle?

Sunday am - distance cycle/OFF?
Sunday pm - swim/OFF

The weekends will change according to when everyone else wants to ride, and when the competitions are. Most people want to go out for their distance rides on Saturday morning. I'd much rather go out on Sundays, but since most weekends are being taken up by competitions anyway, it won't matter much. I'm going to have to find a full OFF day during the week in that case.

Anyways, gotta go,