Friday, September 27, 2002

I'm leaving Toronto in a few hours. It's pouring rain here - remnants of Hurricane Isidore, I believe. It's supposed to be raining for quite awhile. Not quite as bad as the snow they're getting around Calgary today. What a great thing to look forward to.

I've been assigned more work projects today - they'll keep me nice and busy next week. It's not too bad. I know my code is going to be pretty rough-looking, like trying out a new language you've learned on the locals for the first time. They'll snicker and smile at you, but eventually you'll become proficient and efficient at expressing yourself.

I'm waiting for the code reviewer to come around. Both he (Roy) and Peter Kelcey are here today. Peter sat down with me for a few minutes to set up my Connection objects to run an SQL query on the database, but now I'm trying to work through some more stuff that is stumping me. Go figure.

I got out for another run with the Frontrunners last night. Man, that lead group of guys are fast. They're all very good runners. Some of them aren't too bad looking either. It's nice to know there are some other gay guys out there that aren't driven by the bar party and coffeeshop scene. Nice group of people.

The plans are set for Thanksgiving in Montreal. I bought my Black & Blue ticket at Priape yesterday after running. The Toronto flights, hotel, and car rental are all set. Jerome is warned we will be on the highway on Oct. 11th, and should be expecting us late evening, depending on how bad the traffic is. He's supposed to be attending a vernissage for one of his female artist friends at a lesbian bar in the Village, so Natasha is excited already that our first stop in Montreal will be a lesbian bar.

I'm looking forward to seeing the gang tonight. I will finally be able to unwind with my own kind.

Joe's completely psyched about Apt#1203. It's twice the size of 1206, with an extra bedroom, bathroom AND a dishwasher. That's what sold me, even if it is an extra $100 apiece every month. If I don't have to do dishes anymore, I'll be able to spend more time vacuuming and dusting. YEAH RIGHT!

That's all for now. Another few hours stuck in traffic on the 407 and 401, and then desertion in the bowels of Pearson Airport and then I'm OUTTA HERE!

More later......