Tuesday, October 15, 2002

It's Tuesday morning after the Thanksgiving long weekend, and I'm trying everything to avoid a cold. Talk about partying yourself sick! The Black and Blue weekend in Montreal was AWESOME! Natasha and I had so much fun - unfortunately, time was the constraining factor to getting out and enjoying more of what Montreal has to offer.

The weekend went as follows:

We left Toronto around 5pm and got into Montreal around 11:30. We headed straight over to Wendy's birthday party. Jerome was there, as was Bob. We had fun meeting new people and dancing to Chemical Brothers. Natasha and I headed back to Jerome's around 3am after the party ended.

On Saturday, Jerome, Natasha and I strolled down St-Laurent for some shopping. I ended up buying a new pair of Diesel shoes at a discount outlet, but they still cost a few bucks. We ended up in the Village, had a quick beer at Le Drugstore and then headed back to Jerome's to prepare for the evening. A friend of Jerome and Wendy's, Ann-Marie was having a photography vernissage at Magnolia, a new lesbian bar on Ste-Catherine. We got down there around 7pm. Afterwards, we headed to Tom's place for some nasty drinks and a load of laughs before heading back down to the Village for a night on the town. Jerome's allergies got the best of him and he had to head home early. Natasha and I spent the rest of the evening hopping between Sky and Magnolia. We went for food afterwards, and got back to Jer's around 5am.

We didn't get out of bed until late Sunday afternoon. We got ready and headed down to the Village for dinner. We were too early to get into Estasie, so we went to Le Drugstore for natchos and beer to tie us over. We got into Estasie around 6pm. Tom was too hung over to come out for dinner, and Bob showed up later on after already having checked out the B&B preparty at the Sky Lounge. We headed over there after way too much sushi, miso soup and Sapporo, and hung out there until 9:30. We headed back to Jer's to get ready for the party and got down to Olympic Stadium around midnight. The party was in full swing, but apparently Tracy Young was just finishing up her spins in the DJ booth, and Human League had already performed. Tom Stephan wasn't on until 5am or so, and I have to find out who was playing between 1am and 5am. There were so many beautiful people at the party. We spent most of the evening dancing and sitting in the standings smoking joints and people watching. There were several shows during the early hours, but the swarming mass of people is what made the evening - oh yeah, and the beautiful boys.

We got back to Jer's around 9am in pretty rough shape. I was concerned about getting the car back to Toronto before 4:30, but sleep was what was on the agenda at that time. We slept for a few hours, and headed out of Montreal around 2pm. The traffic on the 401 was mind-blowing. It took us 7 hours of starting and stopping before we got back to Toronto. All said and done, it was an awesome weekend.

I ended up buying three of Jerome's paintings - "MartiniBoy" and two of the insect series, "Gabbigiana" and "O.H.R. Giger Zee". They will be very nice additions to the new apartment.

Tonight I'm heading to Roy Thomson Hall for a performance of the TSO and several dance companies called "Invitation to the Dance". Figured I had to do something cultural while in TO.

No other plans for the week. I head back to Calgary on Friday, and then it's moving all weekend (after Ekiden on Sat. morning, of course).. I hope this sore throat and congestion goes away before the weekend.....

More on everything later...