Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Another Tuesday afternoon - it's been snowing all day. I love Calgary. I'm debating whether to go home and be a sloth or go to the gym right after work. I'll probably go home and then head to the gym. I'm really wanting to take some days off of training, but I'm sure there will be more than a few days of sloth next week.
We're supposed to be running from Tim and Doug's place tomorrow night. I still plan on running with Matt and Chris at lunch.
I've made plans for Joe and I to go out for dinner with Greg and Marion Tompkins before the ballet on Saturday. I'm so looking forward to it! And then a full-blown party afterwards! Not sure how we're getting to the airport on Sunday yet. Ryan came over for a few beers and hoots last night. Had some good conversation, but we were all obviously too tired to make anything exciting out of it. He's heading back to Grandview for a week - lord knows why. Just kidding. He said he'd love to go elsewhere, but without any cash GV is the only place to go. Poor guy.
The weekend of racing went great. No flats like last weekend at the CCC triathlon. I pulled off a 36:54 at the CCC 10K on Saturday morning, good enough for 9th place overall. We did excellent again this year, pulling off a sixth place in the Orange division with a cumulative time of 4:33:51. That gives us three points to the overall. Our ranking isn't quite as high this year which says something of the quality (or stacking?) of the field out there this year, but our cumulative time is almost six minutes faster than last year, which speaks volumes of the quality of runners that happen to work for the Railway.
For comparision, last year we did a 4:39:25, less than nine minutes off of Fluor's combined winning time of 4:30:34. This year the winning time was an amazing 4:04:19 by Imperial Oil. A few ringers on that team? I suspect so. At least we beat my personal nemesis at Calgary Health Region which makes my day! ;-) Encana, Petro-Can, Shell and Imperial continue to elude us in this event...until next year, of course!
I made it to the velodrome in enough time to race in the 30Lap points race. I managed a second with 18 points. I pulled away from the pack with about 10 laps to go and kept 200m ahead for two wins on the last two sprints. We had good burgers, then I had to head to work. Tested from 4:30-8:30, headed home and got the bike ready for the race on Sunday morning.
Joe and Allison burst into the apt around 5am. They kept me up - I lost it on Joe in the morning when I got up to leave. I apologized when I got home but I am still pretty pissed. He doesn't give a shit about anything I do. The same thing happened Sunday night. They got all pissed up and Allison slept on the couch. I had to tiptoe around in the morning - fortunately I didn't have any food so I got ready upstairs and left.
Anyways, back to Sunday. Here are some of the results for the Hill Climb. If I had raced Master A again, I would've ended up with a bronze, but I end up with a sixth place finish in Cat 4. At least it's worth some points. I was happy with my time anyways. BK had a great time, but of course he didn't race all day Saturday - he's a better climber than me at any rate.
Cat 4 1. Frank Woolstencroft (Revoluzione) 14.31 2. Brian Kullman (Terrascape) 14.33 3. Lonn Bate (Terrascape) 14.35 4. Robert Fougere (Ind) 15.03 5. Kyle Marcotte (Revoluzione) 15.05 6. Reid Dalgleish (Synergy) 15.18 7. Steve German (Revoluzione) 15.48 8. Dan Bradley (ERTC) 16.56 9. Graeme Thomson (bicisport) 17.05 10. Jason Frank (CABC/Projekt 1) 17.05
WHAT A GREAT SEASON! Four medals, a Cat 3 upgrade, a Cat A upgrade on the Track, money, leading ARC for points (doesn't mean much, but still cool), and lots of great memories and friendships. I can't wait until the Synergy Hootenany on Nov. 1 (hosted by yours truly), and the CBTL AGM in November sometime.
I'm feeling better about Joe. Now that he's feeling better I don't feel so inclined to beat him until he gets up and does something. But my god, is he ever unmotivated to do anything. The last thing I'm going to do is support him, well, until the law makes me, anyways. BTW, the Saturday night dinner with Greg and Marion is also our third anniversary. Interesting....hardly feels like three years, but then it hardly feels like a relationship anymore.