Friday, September 10, 2004

I got talking to Grandma last night around dinner time in the hospital. They were just about to transfer her to St. Boniface in Winnipeg, apparently b/c there is a specialist there that might be able to help her. Roxanne answered the phone at the hospital and gave me the low-down on her condition. She has an iron buildup in her body due to her transfusions and weak pulse, apparently causing her fluid buildup and liver problems. I guess this specialist at St. B. can hopefully help her using medications. I hope things work out. She didn't sound very good last night...very weak and defeated. Anyone who's been stuck in the hospital would sound defeated... Nevertheless, I will wait until she returns to GV before heading to see her, maybe. I priced flights to Winnipeg for $290. If she's going to be there for any period of time, maybe I'll fly to the Peg next weekend or something to see her in St. B. I just hope she gets back to GV soon.