Thursday, May 26, 2005

How ridiculous is this? Another example of the clueless boorishness some people in positions of power have - how pathetic. They don't get the point of Gay pride at all...the one day a year when gay people can come together and celebrate who they are without fear of reprisals that haunt them the other 364 days of the year. Heterosexual pride? Pul-eaze...every freakin' day the media, our leaders, institutions all exude the pride of straightness.

Yellowknife to mark gay and straight pride
Last Updated Wed, 25 May 2005 15:41:19 EDT
CBC News
YELLOWKNIFE - A Yellowknife city councillor calls plans to hold a Heterosexual Day as well as Gay Pride Day an embarrassment to the city.
Councillors learned at Tuesday night's council meeting that the mayor had proclaimed June 10 as Gay Pride Day. The mayor then proclaimed June 9 Heterosexual Day, following a proposal from Coun. Alan Woytuik.
Coun. Kevin O'Reilly called the move an embarrassment to the city and a mockery of a legitimate request.
Woytuik defended the proclamation, saying the community should recognize heterosexuals and homosexuals.
"I feel that recognizing the contributions of heterosexuals is just as legitimate as recognizing the contributions of gay and lesbian communities, so I don't feel there's any reason for anyone to object to this particular proclamation."
Gay and lesbian groups will celebrate
"We thought every day was heterosexual day," said Don Babey of OutNorth, a group that represents Yellowknife gays and lesbians and that made the initial request for Gay Pride Day."
"Will the city partner Black History Month in February with White Heritage Month later in the year?" Babey asked.
"Will the days and weeks marking physical ailments, such as heart disease and strokes, be paired with an equal number of days that will celebrate good health?"
Babey says his group will celebrate Gay Pride Day by passing out cake in front of Yellowknife's post office.
"Tell us where Heterosexual Day will be celebrated, and we'll be there," he said.