Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Poster from Clusterfuck Nation

...a long time lurker now moved to jump in. i find xenotype's comments to be thoughtful and wise, and pretty much right on the money. (s)he cautions us about our eagerness to see 80% human die-off. so now, paradoxically, while i don't wish for that eventuality either, i do wish to "come out", as it were, and admit that i do indeed want many of the prevailing systems and metasystems to break down, and the sooner the better. my suspicion is that many other observers of these issues secretly share my wish (including ol' mr. K.), but can't or won't admit it, to others if not to themselves.
i not only wish this but believe that a case can be made that such breakdown is the shortest and clearest path to a second chance for modern humanity.
none of us know what breakdown will lead to after the dust settles. there is a tantalizing possibility suggested by chaos theory: (and i'll cop to the fact that i'm skating uncomfortably close to the edge of my understanding about this theorem; corrections are welcome). complex systems at the edge of chaos can spontaneously "flip" upward into a higher level of organization. does anyone else here sense that the interesting times we are in hold as much promise for leapfrog advancements on many levels as for cataclysmic collapses....and that these possibilities may in fact be two sides of the same coin? could it be that we don't get the possibility of exhilarating ascent without the equal possibility of terrifying collapse? or even more to the point, that we get them both, playing out in real time, simultaneously?