Wednesday, August 24, 2005

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You know people had the exact same kinds of reactions and the same types of discussions back when cars and electricity and cities were taking over from horses gas/candle lights and towns and villages.

How ever will we afford such a monsterous change? How can we do without horses after all cars are not anywhere near affordable nor dependable nor useful enough to suplant the horse any time soon. As for elctricity.. we all know how much that wound up costing.. hell we havnt even yet electrified every place even in america... and a drastic change in where and how you live.... cities terrified people as to be blunt most cities of the day were deathtraps and unholy bastions of disease death and worse.

And now again we are at a time when our old systems are failing us and the new are ... less then perfect.. and again its gona be very interesting times. I personaly am glad im alive now.

Its not a question of will we make it and will it work its just a question of whos left alive after the dust settles and what new future are we who are left gona be living in?

My personal expectations are that a whole lota people will die in the process but that the future will be alot better then the present.