Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Oh yeah, forgot to mention seeing the Queen and Prince Philip last Thursday. While in Toronto on the Jubilee tour, they are staying at the Royal York. I got back from running with the Frontrunners around 8pm. I saw a throng of police and crowds around the front (south) side of the hotel, and knew that they must be either coming or going. As I needed to stretch, I hung around the back of the crowd and did a cool down. Then they came out of the hotel ten minutes later, heading to Roy Thomson Hall for a performance in honor of the Queen. I saw her tiara and mint green evening dress for about .25 seconds. I'm sure it was well worth the wait for those who had waited for hours - how dumb. She's actually shorter than I thought. Oh well, that's my brush with fame for this week in Toronto, the center of the universe.