Wednesday, October 30, 2002

A frosty Wednesday in Calgary...I think it went down to -15^C or something stupid like that last night. Fuck!

Joe and I went to see the Michael Moore documentary "Bowling for Columbine" last night. Very interesting. It's bizarre how much irony there is in the movie. The cause of the problem of out-of-control gun laws in the USA seems so obvious even though it isn't overtly stated. It's amazing they haven't figured out why so many people are dying yet.....I can only hope that the movie gets more people talking about the issues. Very sad parts about the boys from Columbine going to KMart headquarters to petition for the removal of bullets for sale in the stores. I was amazed about their success!

What the hell about Charlton Heston? Typical gun maniac. Always "it's enshrined in the Constitution", but never with any reasonable substance as to why it's necessary to keep a LOADED gun in your house. Sleeping with a gun under your pillow? WHA? Americans are so afraid of everyone and everything, there biggest problem is that they'll shoot first and ask questions later. Weird.....

Anyways, I bought several things last week. "The Simpsons Episodes, Season Two" and the special release of "E.T." on DVD. Realized after I opened it that A&B Sound charged me $10 more for the Simpsons than I would've paid at I'm quickly losing faith in A&B. They've been terribly disappointing in the last year. Who the hell orders their inventory anyways?

I also received my shipment from Grishko on Monday. I'd waited over a month for the stuff to come from Moscow. I was getting a little worried, but everything worked out. I ordered a footed turtleneck unitard, one black and one flesh colored. They fit very well, and I'm overall quite happy. The only disappointment was that they advertised the material to be polyamide, which would indicate a polyester/lycra mix, but these pieces are definitely nylon/lycra. I can't tell from the material tags because they are in Russian! I also bought another pair of black ballet slippers. Trust the Russians on how to make high-quality ballet clothing!

The move to the new apartment went rather smoothly. We've had people in fixing linoleum and carpet over the past few days. I think Joe is getting a little stressed out since he's had the last few days off and had to endure everything, but they should be done today.

Went to the Alberta Ballet performance on Saturday night and then to Greg and Marion Tompkins for their bi-annual house party. Ran in the morning and ended up at Lynn Gaudet's 50th birthday party in the morning.

The Ballet performance was very good. We particularly liked "sans detour" ( a woman's descent into madness) and " The Winter Room". "Rodeo" was a lot of fun, not very traditional though. "Celestial Themes" was good too, but not near as energetic as the other pieces. It always seems like the first performance has to set the standard and is always the easiest to dismiss. This one had eight dancers on stage, all tightly choreographed. The other three pieces were a lot more freeform.

Sunday I went to the football game with Kevin Bumphrey, his friend Ian, and Tony. We had a fun day, and Calgary actually won!