Monday, November 18, 2002

Monday morning....didn't do anything great this weekend. Joe worked Friday and Saturday night. I went out with Curtis and some of his friends on Saturday night, got really drunk but nothing too major to report. The only exercise I did this weekend was a gym session on Saturday morning. The chinook winds were too strong this weekend to get out for a bike ride, and I didn't feel compelled to get on the trainer. Oh well, rest days are always essential as well...

The Calgary Bicycle Track League AGM was on Thursday night. It was nice to see some of the people that I competed against all summer. I won the "Hammerhead" award for the B-cat, the person who put in the most effort through the season, whether winning or not. It was a popular email vote-in which made it even more sweet that I was voted the award by my colleagues. I also picked up a $125 cheque for ended up second in the season standing in the B-category. I'm also now on the 2003 Executive as the Member-at-large/Newsletter position, so I guess I'll be hanging around at the track some more in 2003.

Had a really great visit from Mom and Dad last weekend (Remembrance Day LW). Went out for dinner to Teatro on Friday night, went shopping at Chinook and Ikea on Saturday and then to Swan's for a few beers on Joe's shift with the folks and Cheryl-lee. They left Sunday morning for Red Deer.

Christmas is only five weeks away! Gross. I'm not going to have any money for presents again. I have a whopping annual gym membership to Fountain Park (~$600) due at the beginning of December. We're also saving up for the computer, plus the ol' ridiculous Visa payments.

Cheryl-lee and I are planning a Class of '89/'90 reunion for December 23rd at the GV Motor Inn. Hopefully we'll get a good turnout. I don't really want to have to call EVERYONE, but I guess it would be only fair to let everyone know about it.

The Housewarming has officially been set for December 14th. We've invited WAY too many people, but hopefully we'll be able to fit everyone in. Should be a good time (as long as it's not -30).

I bought the remixes for "Die Another Day" last week, and also the new Underworld disk, "A Hundred Days Off". Also got "Spider-man" and "Star Wars:Attack of the Clones" on DVD last week. Very cool. Possibly go and see "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" on Tuesday, and "Die Another Day" on Friday. "MIB2" and "Ice Age" come out on DVD next week, I think.