Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I just got back from Grandview yesterday with Owen. The funeral was pretty tough, but is was a beautiful farewell to a beautiful woman and I'm glad the entire family got to celebrate her life together.

I'm still exhausted today, however the three hour bike ride this afternoon was fantastic. We're getting a formidable indian summer right now - 24C today.

Auntie Jeanne, Uncle Ken and dad divvied up Grandma's belongings on Sunday, and dad had asked us in the morning whether there was anything in particular we wanted. Since it didn't appear anyone in the family wanted anything big in particular, I came back with Grandma's TV and VCR, entertainment center and the old bedroom suite from the basement. We've set up the bed in the spare room and are using the 2 chest of drawers for our own stuff for the time being. It would be nice to buy new stuff, but add that to the list...

I can't believe how fortunate I am. I never expected to be getting all of this stuff. It's a very nice gesture from everyone. I had a hard time at home on many levels, so this was definitely cool.

Grandma also gave each of the grandkids a $1000 each. I haven't decided what to do with mine yet, but I think it may go towards a trip next year, or buy the aero disc wheel I will need for next year - Zipp or Corima so I can use it both on the road and the track.

Back to work tomorrow...