Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I went running with Ross Andersen again today. We've been running pretty consistently on M/W/F, managing to fit in the Douglas Fir trail every Wednesday for the past six weeks. Today was our fastest out-and-back, it felt pretty good. I should be in good shape for Tunnel Mountain this weekend at Ekiden.

I hope things are shaping up for Ekiden. I've sort of gotten tired of managing the changes. I've never seen so much change in the rosters and overnight accommodations. I hope I'm not going to get screwed over. I have a feeling I might...No one's heard from Mike Hickey in a few weeks, so I won't be surprised if I have to run two legs, since it will be too late to drop a team out. It's even better that the other leg is the 12.8 kmer...

Last of the American presidential debates is tonight. I'm tired of looking at those two mugs and keeping a straight face, knowing that 99.8% of what's spewing out of them is out-and-out lies. I worry that Bush is going to get in for another four years (really worry), but then, I'll be surprised if the world makes it another four years in our current sorry state.