Saturday, March 03, 2001's finally working correctly. So, anyways, as I was saying, I can't wait until school's done. I'm finished exams on April 18, and I'm planning on heading to Montreal on the 19th for a week. I've already warned Jerome, and he's already told me to prep my liver. It will definitely be a well-deserved escape. I get back on the 26th in time to help Cheryl move out and Joe move in before I start work on the following Tuesday. It will definitely be a crazy few weeks.

I'm looking forward to my first jump into cohabitation. I was apprehensive at first, but now I'm looking forward to having someone at home all the time and being able to go out and do things with someone all the time rather than during our scheduled two nights per week. That's all I'll say about that issue at this time! :-)

I won't bother talking about the past two months. Not too much has happened. A few birthdays, a few raves, everyone trying to adjust to the wild fluctuations in climate. Cheryl lee moved to Vancouver a month ago. I've been missing her, and look forward to going out to see her this summer. Fergie and Tim Lyall were the headliner DJs at the Slinky show which was held on Liberation Night at Metro. It was a great show. The trance was tres hard (Joe was in heaven). Darude is playing the Palace on the 16th, and Ferry Corsten is playing the next Liberation Night. Too much dancing to do....

The Team Calgary Mardi Gras is on March 17. It will be a blast. I have to work the ticket table at 11pm. I hope a lot of people show up so we can make some money. I guess we're going to BTs and possibly Detour to sell tickets this Saturday and next Saturday.

Mom and Dad are coming into town on Sunday. They should be in Red Deer right now. They haven't been here in two years, so they haven't seen the downtown pad yet. I hope we get to have a good visit. I have to go to school on Monday, but hopefully we can do some shopping on Monday afternoon and Tuesday before they take off. I'm kinda stressed about the whole home thing because of a few incidents that have happened the past few months and I'm starting to think I'd rather not communicate with anyone from Grandview about my life at all. No one seems to be able to handle anything I tell them, and instead of opening communication with my family by coming out, it seems that now I have to justify every word that comes out of my mouth because everyone has this idea that everything I say has some disturbing subtext to it. Whatever....that's what you get for living in isolation from the rest of the world. I can't help it if that's the choice some people make, or that they prefer to follow stereotypes they've been brainwashed to believe without considering that it's me they're forming impressions about. I'm sick of it all. I don't care anymore. I've finally cut all ties with that place, and I don't have anymore regrets about it either. I haven't pushed my home away, I was pushed out of it.

Blah blah blah. I love Blogger! It's so easy to jot down a few notes that are floating around in my head. I'll follow up soon. Check out some of the new songs on the Top Ten list! TTYL