Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Well, here it is Monday night, and I've hardly accomplished anything tonight. I was supposed to be doing my poart for the E-commerce group project, but inseatd I've found myself yakking on the phone and surfing the Net. The TV finally blew up on Tuesday, so it's been a test of sensory deprivation for the last week. Thank god for the Internet and music.

Quite a bit has happened in the last week. I had a really great visit with my folks last week. They were only here for a few days, and it kind of sucked that I had to work and go to school while they were here, but we did manage to get out for a few meals and a walk around downtown. They even liked one of the 17th Ave. haunts, Melrose, and we spent one evening there. I was sad to see them go, but next time they come out, I'll have more time to spend with them and more room in the apartment, and a WORKING TV!

Wednesday night a group of us went to the Night Gallery and danced our feet off. Thursday night was the fundraiser for Korleen at the downtown Keg. I got to see Tony, Jeff and Kevin--the crew that I haven't hung out with in a very long time. Friday night, Jen's sister Lorraine was in town, and we went to the Night Gallery again for Crystal's birthday. There were four punk bands playing--it was definitely a change from my normal environment, but it was a lot of fun. Saturday night was the Team Calgary promotion for the Mardi Gras at the ARGRA dance and Boyztown later. We sold tickets at the dance and the bar, and sold 50/50 tix at the bar as well. Sunday night was the last night Lorraine was in town, so we went to the drag show at Detour and danced till close. It was fun, but I was pretty tired, considering I worked two overtime days on the weekend.

This week is devoted to homework again. I'm getting really tired of the school thing. I did nine hours of the Systems Analysis project on Friday, and pretty much finished that off, and the weekend was pretty much a writeoff. I got my Project Manager's Report done for SA&D, and did some more NetMike stuff and reading for Strategy. The next Netmike rollover is tomorrow morning, so we had to have all of our numbers worked out. These two rollovers a week is getting a little crazy! I hardly have anytime on the weekends to look at the rollover results, and since I'm doing the marketing end of things, I can't make any expenditure decisions until we have made final decisions on production and development, which usually occurs on Monday afternoon.......yeesh. And don't get me started on E-commerce. Five more weeks, five more weeks....

Joe and I are going to go to a movie tomorrow night and hopefully have a quiet night. Neither of us has money right now, so that will decide what we do for us. We're going to Darude at the Palace on Friday night, and then Mardi Gras is on Saturday. I'm supposed to be working at the door at 11pm, so I'm planning on totally dressing up. I have to find a cool mask sometime this week....

What else? My cousin Scott and Jen had their baby last Sunday, a girl named Jordan. Reid is healing nicely from his surgery........ummmm.....I'm going to buy my ticket to Montreal next week.......I'm running out of things to write......Good night.