Saturday, March 03, 2001

Well, I'm not quite sure what's going on with this thing, but everything's not quite working properly.

The transit strike's still going on. Although I know it's good for me and all, I'm getting really tired of riding my bike everywhere. The roads are in atrocious shape, they're covered with that gravel that passes for grease right now if you ride on it the wrong way (re:my crash on 24 Ave. yesterday and my rashed ass), the traffic congestion is crazy, and that's all on top of the fact Calgarians drive like a bunch of mental midgets. Grrr.....fuck you, Calgary Transit and the City of Calgary. Get this settled before someone snaps and kills someone.

School is crazy. The Netmike computer simulation for Strategic Management is consuming most groups' time that are taking it right now. It's kinda crazy, considering we're being plunked into these competitive worlds without any knowledge of market sizes or preferences. And we're supposed to have a 10-year business strategy developed? Good luck. E-commerce is driving me batty as well, quite frankly. I can't seem to retain any of the programming skills I've learned the past few years, so I feel like an idiot when I'm trying to get these interactive web pages running while trying to add extra functionality with Javascript and DHTML. Whatever. I'm so sick of school. I can't get motivated knowing I already have a job set up for May.