Monday, April 30, 2001

After a nice sleep in on Thursday, I called Rejean up to see if he wanted to go for a few more cool ones on the patio at Cafe Europeen that afternoon. He agreed, so I picked him up on the way and we sat on the patio in the hot sun all afternoon people watching and telling each other crude stories about our friends. I had to race back to Jerome's to meet him, and then we got ready to go out. Tom came by and picked us up around 8:30. We went back to the Village. Tom and I checked out BPM, the DJ supply/dance music store. Can you say "vinyl"? We ate at Bato Thai, a really great restaurant with really good service. Afterwards, we stopped by Tom's so I could see Jerome's art pieces I hadn't seen yet, and I got to wow over Tom's impressive CD and video collection.

We didn't stay long since Jerome is allergic to Tom's dog, so we walked up to Mont-Royal Park to meet up with Wendy and crew. They were sitting in the big gazebo. We moved down to the Jacques Cartier statue. We weren't there long when the cops came along poured out the beers of the people in the group who were drinking, and told us to leave. We all went back to Jerome's, then the group went to a bar across the street. I was pretty tired so I stayed at Jerome's and crashed.