Wednesday, April 25, 2001

It's Wednesday morning and I thought I would type down a few lines before I head out for another run this morning. Monday I ended up doing some more shopping. I didn't get up too early since I've been totally abusing Jerome's movie collection all week, and staying up until the wee hours of the morning watching movies I haven't seen before. After my run I headed back home, quickly got ready and went out to check out some of Montreal's bike shops. I became a transit guru, essentially taking the metro from one end of the city and back again, since one of the shops I wanted to check out was on Boulevard Decarie off the Cote Vertu station. On my way back I took the Blue Line back instead of the Green Line which goes on the north side of Mont-Royal to the Jean-Talon station, instead of heading back through downtown. I got home in time to let Jerome in when he got home from work, athough he did get home before me. He had been a little worried. I guess the last time Bob Flynn was in town, he had Jerome's apartment keys left for the day, and locked Jerome out of his own house for twelve hours or so.

I finally got to meet Tom, and the three of us went for a late dinner in the Village. Tom's an accountant and has been crazy busy with income tax season, so hasn't had any opportunity to get out for awhile. He's really nice, and him and Jerome seem to get along extremely well.

That was the end of Monday. Tuesday I went back downtown and toured Vieux Montreal et le Vieux Port. There is some amazing architecture down along the river, and some well-preserved buildings from the late 1600s and early 1700s. many period pieces of architecture standing side-by-side to each other. I got lots of pictures of such landmarks as le Basilique Notre-Dame, Rue de la Commune, Rue de St-Paul, and l'Hotel de Ville. I then went back downtown to do some more shopping. I went back to Simon's, checked out all the men's clothing stores at Ste-Catherine and Peel, and headed back to the Plateau to get home before Jerome. Last night we stayed in and Jerome made some fanastic pizza.

Today I'm going to Parc du Maisonneuve, where the Olympic Stadium, the Botanical Gardens and the Biodome are located. I officially finished shopping yesterday, being WAY overbudget, so this is a nice quiet sightseeing day. Jerome and I are invited to an AIDS fundraiser where 80 different restaurants are holding some type of dining event. I don't know any details yet, but it sounds like something interesting to do on a Wednesday night. Tomorrow I have absolutely no plans, but Tom is supposed to be taking me shopping at BPM, a huge dance music store (something Jerome avoids like the plague), and tomorrow night is supposed to be a farewell party for Wendy (and I guess me as well.....:-)....). So there's still a lot to do before I leave.

That's all for now. I gotta get running...literally.