Sunday, April 29, 2001

Well, I'm back in Calgary and my computer's acting up. I had a blig blog to post last night with details of the rest of the trip, but for some reason, my IE disconnects and I can't communicate with the Cadvision server....weird. anyways, here goes attempt two. I'll try and keep the entries shorter so I have less of a chance of losing them.

Wednesday(25) after I got home from my run, I got ready and headed to Olympic Park. I got to see the stadium close up. It really is an architectural marvel...the Biodome next door is a continuation of the same sweeping lines. It used to house the Velodrome, but is now home to the botanical gardens. I didn't do much touring around figuring if you've seen the interior of one stadium and botanical gardens, you've seen them all. I didn't know there was an observation deck at the top of the support tower for the stadium which would give you an awesome view of the city, however it was also $10-15 to ride up to the top too.

I hopped on the subway again and headed back downtown. I wandered around, checking out Simon's again and the men's clothing shops in the Peel district, and from there I walked up to McGill University and wandered around the campus for awhile. Can you believe that the students center is named after William Shatner? There is also another FineArts building named after Captain Kirk. The business school is nowhere near as nice as Scurfield Hall, and it is named after Samuel Bronfman. There was no massive student's center, I'm assuming that since the campus is right downtown, there is no reason to locate all the services on campus.

Anyways, I headed up to Jerome's again, and when he got home, we got ready to go out for supper. Jerome's coworker, Fernand organized the meal at le Bistro P'tit Bonheur in the west end. It is part of a massive remodelling job of one of Montreal's oldest theaters, being opened sort of as a dinner theater. Very nice. 25% of the bill amounts from the evening were being donated to the Montreal AIDS foundation, and 80 restaurants were participating, so it was for a good cause. The meal was exquisite as well. Fernand got 14 people together for supper. The conversation flip-flopped between French and English all evening, so I only picked up on parts of the conversation, however I did get to meet some new people.

Afterwards, Jerome went home to sleep, and I went out with Sergio, Rejean and Barry to La Track. Beers were cheap and plentiful. We had a fantastic time, and at the end of the night, Rejean and I were the only survivors. I ended up getting home at 5 am.