Monday, April 23, 2001

Bonjour de nouveau! It's Monday morning now. Jerome's gone to work and I just got out of bed, so I've got the run of the apartment for the rest fo the day. It's supposed to get up to 21^C today, so I'm about to get my running gear on, grab the camera, and head up to the top of Mont-Royal. The panorama is supposed to be awesome! I made up my list of bike shops and such to check out today, so that's my agenda until Jerome gets home.

Saturday was a pretty crazy day. Jerome and I went downtown and checked out Rue Ste-Catherine, the main shopping district. The sidewalks were clogged with people, and the streets were clogged with cars. This mayhem went on for miles. It was quite an experience to see that many people in such a small area.

We went to lots of stores, most noteably Simon's and Urban Outfitters. They had fantastic clothes (and cheap too). I bought a new jacket and a shoulder bag at Simon's. Jerome bought his new "flame" belt at U.O. - and yet another pair of pants. We walked down to the other end of Ste-Catherines into the gay village and checked out some of the stores there as well. We stopped for a beer at Cafe Meteor and ate at Club Sandwich. We had to make a stop at the legendary Priape on the way back to Berri Station to catch the metro back to the Plateau.

I had a quick snooze while Jerome finished his newest painting (yet unnamed - a mosquito/nurse hybrid), and then we got ready to go out. We got down to the Unity Lounge around 10:30, and headed upstairs to the club around 11. It is a huge bar with the main dance floor on the second floor, and then two other bars on the third floor. There is another bar that goes out to the rooftop patio on the fourth floor but it doesn't open until later in the season. Anyways, one of the third floor bars was full when we got there (apparently a lot of the all-night clubbers pre-party here until they head to Stereo or FOAM) while the rest of the bar was empty. About an hour later, the place was packed. We moved between the main bar and the other third floor bar all night. The main bar was playing a lot of the cheesy gay standards later on, while the other one was playing some really soothing house and ambient stuff all night, and was my environment of choice. The main bar became a little more trance-y as the night went on and the shirt started coming off. I swear there wasn't a chest hair to be found among the several hundred men (and women--thankfully) on the dance floor. We ended up the evening in the other upstairs bar, which was packed as well and had a lot less pretentious attitude. We grabbed a cab home after closing the bar down, and immediately crashed.

Sunday morning should have been more sleepy than it was, but Wendy called at 9:30 to ask why we were still in bed. Jerome had done the same thing to her on Saturday morning, so I guess it was sweet revenge. We got up, went for breakfast with Wendy and went over to her place to install a light and get her bike dismantled for her move to Toronto on Friday. We helped her move her apartment-size washing machine down the stairs. She traded it with some neighbors that were holding a crappy item sidewalk sale out on the street for a set of shelves. As we were bringing it down, Wendy let her end slide down the stairs instead of lifting it up, and the top broke off. We made a good attempt to hide the broken top, and got away with it to start with. Wendy had to run across the street to borrow some tools from her DJ friend Tony, and as we were coming back, the husband who was running the sale was running toward us. Wendy was screaming "Run!" since she thought it was about the broken lid while I was laughing so hard at the idea that neighbors were trying to screw each other! The guy came up to us, and in his Greek/French accent claimed that the machine wasn't working. We went over there again, and showed them that once you plug it in, yes, the pump runs, and that, no, the wash cycle doesn't start until the tub is full of water.....too hard to figure out I guess. Anyways, I guess you had to be there to find the situation funny.

Afterwards, Jerome and I walked towards downtown again, and checkout out some of the retro furniture stores along Amherst via Av. Papineau and Parc la Fontaine. We ended up in the Village again on Ste-Catherine, and did a bit more looking around but didn't do any buying since a lot of stores were closed. I bought a CD in Archambault's (the big record store). Jerome was complaining about his sore legs, so we took the metro back home and I spent the rest of the evening lying in bed and watching movies while he did some emailing and went to sleep.